The Shibuya Showcase Fest is tailored toward indie labels who export music from abroad, and desire a head start for success within the local Japanese market and audience. As Japan is a complex market (but also the largest market after the US), these two convention days will give attendees the keys to understanding how the local industry works to establish reliable and long-term connections.

For SSF, we have chosen to invite all Japanese music companies for free. Local record companies, music publishers, promoters, PR representatives, venues, and media will not have to pay an attendance fee. Japanese music industry contributors will be our guests because we firmly believe that SSF is an excellent opportunity for Japanese companies to identify bands, management, and music sponsors from abroad who prioritise development in Japan.





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Gig in Japan has been in business with the Japanese music industry since 1999, supporting the development of foreign artists and labels within this market. GIJ’s expertise covers a wide range of genres such as jazz, electronic, world music, hip hop, rock, and pop.  In addition to the strong musical and creative connections we have cultivated, we are also well -versed in the mechanics of live music operations including how to structure licence deals, sub-publishing deals, the requirements of live events, touring, and festival connections.