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OPERIO is an international collective, promoting electronic music on 2 labels and through events run by Bruce Mennel, Daven Andreas and JP Valero.

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Bruce Mennel is a Tokyo based veteran DJ with nearly 20 years of career with unique skills on 3 decks and a producer who,  with his OPERIO imprint, has proven himself innovative  by unveiling a new identity in electronic music.

Coming from the north-eastern France, Bruce was influenced by  the dominant European sounds of late-90s England and Germany and took inspiration from labels like Axis, Drumcode, Tresor, CLR, Bush, Zenit, Primate... but are too numerous to mention them all.

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Daven Andreas is a French DJ and producer from Nancy (France).

He is in constant search for the latest releases from various music labels to compose new DJ sets. Eventually, at just 17 years old, this lifelong music lover turned to DJ'ing with 2 or 3 turntables. 

He went all over the East of France and gained experience in both nightclubs and in rave parties (environment particularly close to his heart). Technically influenced by Dave Clarke and fascinated by turntables, Daven definitely plays a dark and dynamic techno. As regards to record labels, he has been actively supporting CLR, Audio Assault, ARMS and Primate for a long time, and most recently MORD and Perc Trax. Daven is also a big fan of Dutch and Japanese techno


Behind the decks for over 20 years, he is one of the founders of the Hot Sound collective than set upcountless events in Eastern France France back in the 2000s.

​Top performer of this collective with his techno sets, Oly MC was seen alongside world-class artists such as Dave Clarke, Jay Denham, Umek, Claude Young, Marco Bailey, Redhead, Pet Duo, Manu le malin, Tonio .. who made the scene what it is today in Northern France.

 Oly MC has a unique influenced Chicago House style, he always makes an impression with jack-of-all attitude.​


Born in East part of France, Torn started playing in 2000 and quickly became a regular in local clubs in France, Germany and Swiss, before expanding to other continents.

From Russia to Indonesia, Colombia or New Caledonia, she performs worldwide. 

She played live on B.B.C. Radio Wales (UK) and was the 1rst foreign djane to play in Doha, Qatar. 

She was one of the only french djane who played at KaZantip (UA) and featured in ELLE magazine in june 2013.

 She ran her CRIMINAL BEAT CARTEL record label for 6 years. Her first EP came out in 2007 with Ben Long from Space DJZ & Mike Humphries. 

She collaborated with Electrixx on CBC 03 : "Sexstoy" has been released in 2009. This track has been tracklisted by TRAX Magazine, supported by Laurent Garnier and chosen by Mathieu Denis and  Simon Lavoie to feature in the soundtrack of their movie “Laurentie”, that was preselected for Cannes Festival.